Various Styles for Special Occasions.

Are you coming to Gadabout for your special occasion? Our stylists love when you bring a photo that describes what you are looking for, and whatyou aren't looking for. A few styles we have created a below. And we would enjoy adding your photos...when you can, email them to and we may include them in our gallery!

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Bridal Up Style, with Flower
Bridal hair

Side Swept Braid

Bridal hair, down with curl
Bridal Down Style

Mother of the Bride
Mother of the Bride

Bridesmaid, Sideswept with texture
Bridesmaids hair 

Flower girl with Tiarra
Flower girl style

Prom styles
prom style

Holiday Party Style


Side braid up style
side braid


A twist on the French twist
french twist

Twisted and pined for a unique up-style
twisted up


Long hair pinned to look short and tousled  

blonde with jewels

blonde side

blonde back



brown up

french twist

bottom undo