Frequently Asked Questions about Weddings and Events


Do you allow champagne during my wedding services?

We do, you will need to provide and pour for you and your guests at the time of the visit. If you would like for us to provide Orange Juice, or any other food and beverage, please contact our special events coordinator:

 Do I have to prepay for my wedding services?

We recommend prepayment for all group and wedding party services. This will allow less stress and challenge for you and your guests on the date of the services.  This way you can all come in, enjoy your services and go.

Does Gadabout host corporate events?

Yes! We would love to host your corporate events! Please contact our special events coordinator to help set it up:

Will you come to my hotel before my wedding to do my hair?

We do offer onsite services although we try to encourage guests to come into our salons when we are open (Tuesday-Saturday’s) as this is a hardship on our salons when stylists are away. We require at least three or more guests needing services for a technician to come on site. Our special events coordinator can provide you with pricing and more details:

What is the best time to have a facial before my wedding?

Depends on the skin regimen you and the esthetician discuss and your skin types needs, however we recommend no closer than three days prior to your big day!

Do you offer discounts if I bring in my whole wedding party?

We offer a loyalty program that might offer a discount for your wedding party. When you purchase a gift card of $600 or more, we give you 10% extra! Our special events coordinator can provide you with more details: