Other Frequently Asked Questions



May I bring my furry friend to my appointment?

We love dogs and cats. However, we are unable to have them in the salon due to state laws governing hair salons. Guide animals are of course an exception. We appreciate your understanding!

Am I allowed to switch stylists? 

Please feel free to change stylists within the salon at your convenience. This provides you with a variety of talent and some flexibility in booking appointments. We suggest having two or three regularly so you are always assured of knowledgeable, personalized service regardless of emergencies, vacations, illnesses or unexpected travel plans.

I hear a lot about Gadabout and their "Educational" programs... What is that about?

Gadabout is one of the few salons nationwide with an ongoing education program with world-renowned hair artists. We are proud to educate our staff with an 18 - 24 month apprenticeship program before they get onto the floor. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover. As well as debit card, Gadabout gift cards, and cash. We are not accepting checks at this time.

How can I get Gadabout to donate to my charity or event? 

Gadabout participates in many events and charity organizations in Tucson! Please click here for more information. 

Why do I need to come to the resource center to turn in my application? 

We like to meet with guests personally and have a one on one conversation before scheduling an interview, however, you are more than welcome to pick up or drop off an application at any of our Gadabout SalonSpa locations!

Is Gadabout hiring?

Gadabout is always hiring! Please come to our Resource Center to bring your application! While you are here, we can let you know the immediate positions we are hiring for, however they are always changing and we like to keep applications on hand for six months!

What does Gadabout mean?

The definition of Gadabout is "a person gadding about town, seeking pleasure."

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