Frequently Asked Questions about Hair

Why are your hair prices quoted in a range?

Our haircuts include a personalized consultation, cleanse in our wet lounge, cut/style as well as home care recommendation to recreate your look at home.  Our median price for design cut is $53.00, can go to $100.00 with our most experienced master stylists, and starts at $35.00 with our studio stylists.

Our technical team's performance is measured by experience, expertise, and education. Gadabout promotes our hair staff through a level system. Prices will vary by technician depending on their promotion. We are continually searching for and developing state of the art techniques and services for you and your lifestyle.

Do you offer Ombre?

Yes! We do offer ombre, which is a combination of techniques resulting in multiple colors/tones that blend in to each other, usually fading from dark to light. Ask for a stylist that specializes in this technique!

What is Balayage?

Balayage is a technique for highlighting or lowlighting hair in which the color product is painted on by hand with a brush, to create a graduated, natural look.

What brand of color does Gadabout use?

Gadabout uses an extensive color line called Wella, for permanent and semi-permanent color, including Innocence (allergy-free), Privana (for fantasy colors), and M.I.C. (for men).

What are Kerastase treatments?

Transform your hair with instant results! Kerastase treatments are custom blended to restore and enhance your hair’s health and shine leaving hair immediately softer and more hydrated.


 What is a wet lounge?

Our shampoo area where we cleanse & hydrate your hair. This area is an extension of our spa and offers calming music and TVs playing calming images to promote your relaxation during the scalp massage portion of your service.



Why do I need a consultation for extensions?

Our consultations are to give exact price quotes and find out how much hair you will need, what length, color, ect.  After your consultation, we will order your hair so we will have it for your service. This is about a 2-3 week process.  

How much are hair extensions going to cost?

We give prices at the consultation visit once we see your hair and have discussed your desires.

How do I take care of my hair extensions?

Your technician will provide you with the proper home care recommendations as well as at-home care. When brushing/combing, be sure not to pull at the bond as this could pull the extension out.



What is the difference between a Keratin smoothing treatment and the custom blend straightener?

The Keratin is a demi permanent all protein infused system that infuses keratin into the cuticle eliminating frizz and curl, leaving the hair soft and shiny. Rebalancing of this service is applied to the whole length of the hair.  Keratin is offered in three types: Smoother, Express, and Glycolic. Custom blend straighteners are a permanent conditioning relaxer designed to straighten and give hairs optimum balance. Rebalance of this service is applied to the root only.  

What are the differences between the three Keratin services?

Keratin Glycolic: This is a great service for curly hair with no downtime. This service leaves hair smooth while maintaining the natural curl with the no frizz benefits of Keratin.

Keratin Express: This is a great service to add on to any color or cut appointment as it takes very little extra time and will give you all the benefits of a Keratin Infusion treatment for half the price and will last you half the time.

Keratin Smoother: The signature Keratin service is a demi-permanent treatment that infuses Keratin into the cuticle eliminating frizz and curl, leaving the hair soft, shiny and luxurious. This treatment will cut your blow drying time in half as well as give you a beautiful finish without hot tools.  The infusion treatment lasts three to six months.

How do I take care of my Keratin treatment?

Keratin Glycolic: There is no downtime after getting this treatment. Try and use Keratin friendly shampoos and conditioners after getting a Glycolic treatment. 

Keratin Express: Avoid getting any moisture in the hair with the Express for the first 8 hrs. If it gets wet blow dry immediately and go over with a flat iron. Wear hair down; do not use pins, clips, ponytail holders, or sunglasses to hold hair back. Also do not tuck behind ear.

Keratin Smoother: Avoid getting any moisture in the hair with the Smoother for the first 72hrs. If it gets wet blow dry immediately and go over with a flat iron. Wear hair down; do not use pins, clips, ponytail holders, or sunglasses to hold hair back. Also do not tuck behind ear.

For all Keratin services, wash hair only with recommended sodium chloride-free shampoo and conditioner. If swimming in the ocean or chlorinated pool, wet hair first with clean water prior to swimming and immediately after rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Is there any down time with the straightening treatments?

No downtime with the Glycolic. Express requires 72hrs with the Smoother. With the custom blend straighteners, we recommend combing your hair out and not washing for 72 hours before your service.

Why is there gluten in the Penetraitt Shampoo & Conditioner?

Cosmetic products can feature a variety of ingredients extracted from grains. As Gluten is a grain derived ingredient, it is possible to have trace amounts of Gluten in some products.

It is generally believed that Gluten needs to be ingested to produce sensitivity and therefore use of hair and skin products is not likely to trigger a reaction.  However, the degree of sensitivity varies from person to person; we highly recommend that you consult with your physician before using any products.