Frequently Asked Questions about Body


Will I be naked during my massage?

During all our spa services, you are fully draped and covered. Only the necessary body part will be exposed then covered again as the technician moves to the next area. We recommend removing all clothing and undergarments, however please feel comfortable dressing down to your comfort level as our technicians can accommodate any amount of clothing.  

Do you offer dual massages?

We have a dual-massage room at our Oracle/Magee location that allows two technicians to perform massages in a single room for two people. Be sure to mention you'd like to be in the same room, if this is the case, so we can schedule you with the appropriate service providers. If you are wanting multiple massages at our other SalonSpa locations, we can certainly schedule the guests at the same time, however, they will be in separate rooms.

Do you have a steam or hot tub room?

All 5 of our Gadabout SalonSpa locations have steam showers, which can be used 15 minutes before or after your scheduled massage appointment. Our Oracle/Magee location also offers a dry sauna.