Available Career Opportunites

At Gadabout, we are always hiring excellent people. A few of the positions for which we are hiring are as follows:

*Please note we have 5 locations. We hire as a team, therefore career opportunities exist based on the needs of our locations.


Housekeeping/Support Staff

Our Housekeeping team is vital to the success of the Gadabout team. They work collectively to ensure an enjoyable and sanitary experience for our guests. Professionalism is extremely important in our housekeeping staff. Maintaining a clean, organized, and comfortable environment for our guests is one of the main functions of this role. Sorting, folding, and putting away laundry is a daily responsibility. Keeping the changing rooms stocked, showers clean, and refreshments organized are all tasks performed by our Housekeeping team. 

Guest Service Representatives

Guest service representatives should be committed to a service mentality. "Service, in it's purest sense is about knowing you have added value to someone else, regardless of the circumstance." Our guest service representatives act as conceirges in our salons assisting guests with their experience, from greeting them to ensuring their experience is excellent to checking them out. A guest service representative is detail oriented, able to multi-task, is competent on a computer, outgoing and friendly.

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Guest Service Representative, Key Holder

Key Holders are dependable and committed to growth, not only of themselves but of the team. They need a strong commitment to Gadabout’s Values and mission statement. A positive and professional attitude will go a long way for someone interested in this position. Our Key Holder’s are motivated individuals who always come to work ready to be challenged while upholding the integrity and safety of the salon. This position can be considered a leadership in training role as when no other leader is in the building you are the manager on duty. A Key Holder role is the first step towards a leadership role within Gadabout SalonSpas. 

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Guest Service Representative, Desk Leader

Desk Leaders have been employed with Gadabout for more than one year and are recommended by a General Manager. They know and uphold Gadabout’s Values and Policies and Procedures at all times. Flexibility is key for Desk Leaders because Gadabout is ever-changing. A strong Desk Leader is responsible for the total function of the desk through coaching and educating the team. They are also considered the Assistant Manager and responsible for the salon functions when a General Manager is not available. Commitment to excellent guest service, internally and externally, is a key component in our Desk Leaders. Passion for service with a desire to grow are essential parts of what make a successful Desk Leader. 

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Hair Interns

Hair interns should have received their cosmetology license (1600 hours minimum) from an accredited cosmetology school. Gadabout hires for an internship that includes working within the Gadabout salon locations to help with general salon duties and maintaining the Gadabout experience for each guest. Interns will be working full time, an average of 40 hours per week, in the locations. Salon hours are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8am till 8pm and Wednesday and Saturday 8am till 6pm. Once an intern completes the intern program, they can re-apply for a position as a stylist with Gadabout.

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Nail Interns

Nail interns should have received their nail technician license (600 hours minimum) from an accredited cosmetology school. During the internship interns will be in one of the salon locations helping with general salon duties and helping maintain the Gadabout experience for each and every guest. Interns work full time in the locations. Salon hours are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8am till 8pm and Wednesday and Saturday 8am till 6pm. During the time you are in the location, you are learning the Gadabout protocols for natural nail manicures and pedicures. Interns will be asked to use models/employees to practice services. 

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Distribution Center Assistant

Responsible for packing, delivering, inventorying, receiving and stocking retail and professional products in the Gadabout SalonSpas Distribution Center. Assists in maintaining a clean and orderly working environment both in our salon locations, Distribution Center as well as in delivery vehicles. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Accuracy - able to receive, ship, stock and count incoming and existing inventory products
  • Works well with numbers and basic mathematics
  • Accountability - able to uphold the Gadabout and VerVe Values
  • Responsible for safety and operation of equipment and vehicles
  • Proper handling of inventory and equipment
  • Team Player - friendly and outgoing, enthusiastic with a team oriented spirit
  • Able to work well with a small team in a hectic atmosphere 
  • General computer and telephone skills